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1. I will always speak up for Christian principles even when what I say is unpopular.

2. I find pleasure in the drawing and/or designing of various objects.

3. Other people, including five-fold ministry leaders, respect me and look to me as an authority in spiritual matters.

4. When in a group I tend to recognize and approach those who are sitting or standing alone.

5. Others seem to really enjoy my teaching and have told me I’m a good Bible teacher.

6. I have the ability to learn foreign languages.

7. I enjoy helping others get their work done and don’t need a lot of public recognition.

8. I enjoy praying in tongues and sense it helps strengthen me spiritually.

9. I am often involved in encouraging discouraged people.

10. Singing is one of my favorite spiritual exercises.

11. I have a strong desire to help non-Christians find salvation through Jesus Christ.

12. I have seen people healed through my prayers.

13. When a group I am in lacks organization, I tend to step in to fill the gap.

14. God has used me personally to perform supernatural signs and wonders.

15. I have enjoyed assuming the responsibility for the spiritual well-being of a particular group of Christians.

16. Other people have told me that I have faith to accomplish what seemed impossible to them.

17. I enjoy assisting with routine jobs around the church especially when it frees others to do their ministry responsibilities.

18. I can usually discern when a person is troubled by an evil spirit.

19. I enjoy praying for long periods of time.

20. When praying about someone’s circumstances, I often receive insight into their condition that I had not previously considered.

21. I find I manage money well in order to give liberally to the Lord’s work.

22. I often come up with very creative solutions to difficult problems and they prove to be right on solving the problem.

23. I often sense when others are hurting inside before other people do.

24. I have given a public interpretation of a message in tongues during a church service.

25. I enjoy being able to lead small or large groups of people in decision-making processes.

26. I have a desire, and have been used to speak direct messages from God, that strengthen, encourage, and comfort others.

27. People say that I am gifted with my hands.

28. I desire to use my ability to play a musical instrument to bless the church.

29. I enjoy using my creative skills in acting.

30. When I preach or share from God’s Word, it often brings conviction to the hearers.

31. I find joy in painting pictures or making hand-crafted objects.

32. I have been used of God to establish and raise up a strong local church.

33. I enjoy having guests and/or visitors in my presence and making them feel welcomed and a part of things.

34. I love teaching and sharing the results of my Bible study with children/adults in an effective and meaningful manner.

35. I can adapt easily to culture, language, and life style other than my own and would like to use my adaptability to minister in foreign countries.

36. I enjoy working behind the scenes taking care of little details.

37. At times I sense the Holy Spirit stirring me to give a message in tongues in a group.

38. I feel a need to challenge others to better themselves, especially in their spiritual growth, without condemning them.

39. I enjoy singing with or for others and people say I have a good voice.

40. I enjoy spending time with non-Christians, especially with the hope of telling them about Jesus.

41. I enjoy praying for sick people because I know that many of them will be healed as a result.

42. I enjoy handling the details of organizing ideas, people, resources, and time for more effective ministry.

43. Through my faith God has opened doors that were impossible in the natural.

44. I have helped Christians who have backslidden to be restored back to the Lord.

45. It is not unusual for God to give me supernatural confidence to try things or pray for things beyond my natural ability.

46. I don’t have many special skills but I enjoy finding needs and doing what I can to meet that need in a practical way.

47. I can see the Spirit of God resting on certain people from time to time.

48. When I hear a prayer request, I take it very seriously and often pray for that need for several days or longer.

49. In counseling situations I sometimes have an instant awareness of facts not previously discussed.

50. When I am moved by an appeal to give to God’s work, I can usually find the money to give and am eager to do so.

51. I often have insights that offer practical solutions to tough problems.

52. Sometimes I feel so compassionate for others that I fail to confront them with the truth when they need it.

53. Church leaders have told me that they believe my public interpretation of a message in tongues was accurate.

54. I enjoy leading and people seem to respond positively to my leadership.

55. People have told me that I communicate timely, urgent messages that must have come directly from the Lord.

56. I have an ability to use my hands in a creative way to design and build things.

57. Others have told me that I have a musical gift.

58. I enjoy using dance or drama as a way of inspiring people with a message.

59. When I speak out on an issue, sometimes my voice takes on deep emotional tones that God uses to bring conviction.

60. I find joy in having a beautiful lawn, flowers, and shrubs which are properly placed and cared for.

61. God has used me to disciple and train leaders for a number of churches.

62. I enjoy cheerfully providing food and a place to stay for those in need.

63. I am organized in my thinking and systematic in my approach to presenting Bible lessons to a group of people.

64. I seem to relate unusually well with people from other cultures.

65. I enjoy when others express a need for my help in practical things.

66. God encourages others through my messages in tongues.

67. People often tell me their problems and I encourage them by giving them steps of action to follow.

68. I believe I could sing on the worship team and be an important part of the worship service.

69. My strongest desire is to see the lost come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.

70. People have told me that they have been healed of physical or emotional problems after I have prayed for them.

71. I easily delegate significant responsibility to other people.

72. People have told me that I was God’s instrument to bring supernatural change in lives or circumstances.

73. I enjoy working with people and care about their spiritual welfare. I do my best to disciple them and help them grow.

74. There have been times when I suddenly had an impartation of faith from the Holy Spirit to receive or perform a miracle.

75. I prefer being active in doing something rather than just sitting around talking, reading, or listening to a speaker. I like to find a need and fulfill it as quickly as possible.

76. Sometimes when I’m praying for an individual who is afflicted by demons, I can distinguish by the Holy Spirit what kinds of demons are afflicting that individual.

77. I often receive deep burdens to pray for various needs or people.

78. Sometimes when I am in a church service, the Holy Spirit reveals to me specific needs or sicknesses that God wants to touch and heal.

79. I am willing to forego certain privileges in order to give to God’s work.

80. People often seek my advice when they don’t know what to do.

81. I find myself especially concerned and praying for those in emotional distress.

82. I am alert to ask the Lord for an interpretation when a message is given in tongues in the church service so that the hearers will be edified.

83. God has given me the confidence and ability to lead other people.

84. During church services I frequently sense a desire and prompting to speak a spontaneous word from God.

85. I find satisfaction in meeting people’s needs by making something for them.

86. I am able to play a musical instrument well.

87. I enjoy being part of a cast in a play or dramatic production.

88. I do not mind speaking the truth even to those in authority.

89. I enjoy the times I am able to create beautiful items especially when they benefit others.

90. Pastors or churches in other parts of the country or world look to me for spiritual guidance and/or oversight.

91. Our home is often used for parties and social events.

92. I tend to believe one of the church’s greatest needs is to understand the Scripture.

93. I feel a special spiritual burden for another area or country of the world.

94. I would like to do things like typing, filing, gardening, painting, etc. for the church or helping in any way I can.

95. When I speak in tongues, I believe it is for my personal prayer or to edify the Lord’s body.

96. I find joy in helping individuals see what can be accomplished as trials are turned into areas of new growth.

97. I desire to use my singing ability to bless the church.

98. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing with them the joy and peace which Jesus and His love have given me.

99. People seek me out to pray for them for physical healing.

100. I am a very organized person who sets goals and makes plans to reach them.

101. God regularly seems to do impossible things through my life.

102. I prefer being a spiritual leader and having people seek me out to become spiritually stronger..

103. On several occasions I have believed God for the impossible and seen it happen in a tangible way.

104. I tend to be one of the first ones to notice the practical needs of others.

105. I can recognize whether a person’s teaching or ministry is from God, Satan, or of human origin.

106. Intercessory prayer is one of my favorite ways of spending time and serving the church.

107. Sometimes when I pray for people, the Holy Spirit reveals to me certain facts about their present or past circumstances which would have been impossible for me to know otherwise.

108. I joyfully give money to the church well above my tithe.

109. The Lord has given me quick insight into the right choices to make in very complex circumstances.

110. I would like to help down and outers through some church-related program.

111. When someone gives a public message in tongues, I often believe that I understand the meaning.

112. When I join a group, others seem to back off and expect me to take the leadership.

113. While I’m praying for someone, I often receive a message from God for them.

114. The repair and maintenance of things in my environment comes easily to me.

115. God has blessed my ability to play a musical instrument to lead others in worship or bless them in their Christian walk.

116. I get very inspired while performing in front of people.

117. I inwardly grieve over the sins of others.

118. I receive much joy from working with my hands at various arts and crafts.

119. I enjoy planning or providing leadership oversight to a group planting a new church or work.

120. I would like to use my home to get acquainted with newcomers and visitors to the church.

121. I delight in deep study and research of the Bible and sharing my insights with others.

122. I am willing to leave the comforts of my surroundings in order to minister to people of other nations.

123. I enjoy helping or relieving others of routine tasks so they can get special projects done.

124. I use tongues regularly as part of my intercession for other people.

125. I seem to be able to motivate people to get involved in ministry.

126. I believe God has given me a good voice to sing and bless others.

127. I get frustrated when others don’t seem to share their faith with unbelievers as much as I do.

128. I enjoy praying for people for physical or emotional healing and believe that God has gifted me in this area.

129. I have the ability to see the larger picture and to break a task down into smaller tasks and then assign people with the proper gifts to that ministry.

130. Others can point to specific instances where my prayers have resulted in visible miracles.

131. Leading groups to spiritual maturity appeals to me.

132. It is not unusual for me to be the one in a group encouraging others to believe God’s promises in the midst of discouraging circumstances.

133. I would like to assist the pastors and other leaders so they would have more time to accomplish their essential and priority ministries.

134. On occasions I have seen angels and distinctly perceived their activities by the Holy Spirit.

135. I enjoy praying for other people and often lose track of the time.

136. Sometimes when witnessing to an unsaved person, the Lord will show me things about the person that will help me minister to them.

137. I find myself viewing ministries from a financial perspective.

138. At times God gives me specific wisdom in knowing what to do or say in a situation that is beyond my natural ability.

139. I feel compassion for people who are hurting and lonely and I would like to spend time with them to cheer them up.

140. I enjoy and have the faith to give an interpretation in tongues.

141. When I am in charge, things seem to run smoothly.

142. It is not unusual for the Lord to give me a specific message for others through pictures in my mind, visions, dreams, Scripture verses, or physical sensations.

143. I enjoy working with various manual projects.

144. I have found playing a musical instrument to be a helpful spiritual exercise for myself.

145. I have, or would enjoy doing, street drama as a way of evangelizing.

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